Tuesday, March 8, 2011

[RE Alistair ++] Review

Art: Tooaya
     RE Alistair was made by Sakevisual (And to be more specific... Programmer: TheeForsakenOne, Artist: Tooaya, BG: Mugenjohncel, and Writer: Sake Bento... I think. lol) You play as Merui Lucas, a girl in love with this MMORPG called Rivenwell Online. One day, she was fighting a boss in the game with an online friend of hers, FionaWings. Just as she was about to make the last kill, an stranger who calls himself Alistair came out of nowhere and stole the prize. (Since he did the last strike) He wouldn't return the prize to Merui even though she spent so much time and effort into killing the boss so they made a bet. If Merui can find Alistair before a month (I think ^^;;), then he would return the prize (forgot what it was specifically lol). So basically, after she got off, she narrowed down the suspects to three guys: Shiro, Derek, and Travis.

     Shiro Takayama - Okay... I went after Shiro first since I thought he was so cute. ;D To tell the truth, I was surprised to find out that he was quite shy. At first, when I first saw him, I actually thought he'd be more of those people that would ditch class often -v-;; I have no idea  how I got that idea... but okay... lol Anyways, his path basically revolved around the project that he and Merui were doing, and I guess... he spends all his time in the classroom <.< His CGs were super cute, it made me go awwww <3 And for Merui, and Shiro, Merui was making all the advances which made me go lol. The best part about his route, well at least the part I like most, was when he was confronting Derek in the hallway and telling him to stop bothering Merui. <33 I went all "Kyaaa" over that. Then in the end, I find out that Shiro was FionaWings (on Rivenwell) and I literally went like WUT?! Maybe I'm just dense but... I never saw that coming. Or maybe I did, and I just hoped he wasn't like that XD

Travis Wright - Travis is, I think, the most popular out of the 3 guys, but I'm just not into megane guys. :/ Now that I think about it, I might've been a bit unfair to Travis D: Just 'cuz I wasn't into meganes, I chose to accuse him first... I couldn't bring myself to accuse Shiro (since he was my fav then) and Derek... well, I don't know. Anyways, I was obviously stupid. Travis's path was the "sweet" kind of path... which is why a lot of people like him most. The thing is... the moment I talked to Travis... I knew where it was going, which is why I probably didn't enjoy it as much as Shiro's (boy, I had no idea he even had the courage to confront Derek). But whatever I guess, plus... his CGs... were more intimate than the others so that's a plus. :D Then when he started to tell the story 'bout his bros and his job as Oda I was like "Dude, random much?" Well... somehow, it seemed like the part about him being Oda was just stuck in out of nowhere just because the creator(s) needed to relate him to Rivenwell somehow. Hehe... but I do admit that Oda was the coolest out of all the other Rivenwell characters. OvOb Hm... now that I think back, maybe it's not the fact that he was a megane but more like his hair style turned me off... or something. XD As much as I didn't like him, he was one of the funniest. Trying to act like he didn't care when he did... just made me laugh. And what did the final blow was the ending where Merui went on his account and... lol play to find out I guess? XD

Derek Nevine - Hm... what can I say for him? At first, I thought his hair was just plain weird. And that he was weird. But how should I say this... I always thought of him as more of a "side character" since he was just... stuck on somehow lol. Merui's like arguing with Travis and doing her project with Shiro, and Derek just comes and... uh... hit on her? <.<;; Actually, I went after his path last. (Shouldn't have) During Shiro's and Travis's path, Derek pissed me off. I mean... I couldn't go to the mall in peace without him interrupting me?! D: Everytime, I'd be like... wtf Derek, get outta the way so I can get me man! =w= So yeah, though I didn't like Travis because he was a megane, I was more annoyed at Derek... I mean, I couldn't complete Shiro's OR Travis's path in peace unless I went on a date with Derek. Seriously, I know you also have to talk with Travis if you wanna get money but at least you get it in the end! The first time you go to the mall... it's wasted because you spend all your time with Derek. ;_; Well, whatever. I figured if I was going to play his path, then I guess it doesn't matter. Hang out at the mall all day~! YAYYYY :D But no. He never came. Dammit. Where was he when I needed him?! I got his dang CG in Shiro's "path" (not really considered a path when I think about it, but still. When I was trying to pursue Shiro okay?) but I couldn't even get one when I tried to go after him. Was this how much I sucked at otome games? D: Ah whatever. After all this ranting on Derek, I admit that after playing everyone's "route" I liked him most. Probably because he was my type. <33 I have a thing for guys with earrings ;D The only part I didn't like 'bout his "route" was when he started going all deep and was like my parents get disappointed in me, etc, etc. I was like yes, yes, now get on with the program. Well, probably because I'm a shallow person like that OTL Forgive me.

Overall, I seriously loved this VN to death. Mostly because it was the first VN I've ever played, and the most professional free VN I've ever seen (even to this date). The graphics was sooo awesome, especially the CGs. Also loved how they included the profiles, nice touch ^^ Though the story line was somewhat... not there, except for at the end when you pick who you think is Alistair, since I think probably over 3/4 of the game, you just focus on raising money and stat building. To be honest, I wished it could be more VN-like, but you know what, it's still a good game. And I definitely recommend it to everyone!!! \^O^/

PS... I know I probably shouldn't be saying this... but I took these pics from random google images so... they're not mine... or something like that... OTL


  1. ガ━━━━━━∑(゚д゚lll)━━━━━━ン
    how cud u dislike travis???!! 。゚(*ノДノ)゚。わ~ん

    he's like soooo ❤ ❤ ❤ (〃ノωノ)~❤ ❤

    travis is the most epic character everrrrr~~!!!(*’∀’*)ウフフフ♪


  2. Haha... just not my type I guess? ^^;;

    But I did enjoy the fanfic written about him... it was so cute <3

  3. this was my first full game too! i totally loved it. but honestly, i didn't really pursue anyone... i was just trying to figure out who Allistair was. D; but now that i've read your review, i'm soooo re-doing this all over again. ;D but i do agree, Shiro's character was cute straight on. Travis's took time. but Derek... he did seem pretty random honestly. but anyways, still gonna play and do things differently! thanks for your review. it helped me a lot. =]

    1. haha i was the same! more intrigued by the mystery than the romance lmao ahh you totally should *v* glad it helped! the game is really more satisfying when you obtain all the cgs in the gallery +o+b

  4. Shiro was so adorable, Travis was annoying (then becomes cool, heehee), and... I thought Derek was just plain boring >_< Anyway, I LOVED this game. I agree with you that this is amazing because it's free and so professionally done.