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  1. Hey, I remember playing Secret Santa! It was one of the earliest VNs I tried. Cute as a Holland Lop, I swear to god.

    I didn't know you wrote game reviews, that's pretty neat. Have you tried NaNoRenO 2012? If not, I recommend you check out TKOT and RisAmo (obviously not games I made, or I'd be warning you away XD); if your opinion of RE: Alistair++ rings true still, the art in those games is guaranteed to make you flail.

    1. Hehe thanks!/// <3

      I downloaded TKOT a few months ago but sadly I haven't been able to play it yet. Hopefully I'll get to it one day T V T)9

  2. Secret Santa is adorable! Great job. My favorite features were definitely the artwork and choice in music.
    The only thing I am disappointing in is the character information section. While I think the idea is a nice touch, the weight/height of the characters is slightly disturbing. All of the male characters are very lean, and all female characters are underweight. One of them, dangerously so. I know that this is a lame and picky critique, but I just thought that I would make it for any games you do in the future. Not everyone has to be perfect!
    Hope to see more reviews and games from you in the future. :)

    1. Thank you~ I'm really glad you like it ^^

      Back then I grew up looking at profile books of shoujo manga and that's where I got my "idea" of height and weight. If I were to rewrite it then I'd probably up the weight because now I have my own weight to compare to. :)

      If you're interested in my current projects, I have a new site now:

  3. Hi, I am also working on creating a Ren'Py game right now called Spades and Hearts. I was just wondering how many people play your game. I knows its kinda a weird question and maybe you don't know, but I just wanted to get a good feel for how popular my game might wind up being. Thank you so much for your help and I really admire your work.

    info about my game:
    about half way finished
    my second ren'py game (never posted the first one)
    17731 words long (once again the writing is about half way finished)
    some art from my game:

  4. Hey, I really wanna play it, but when I try to download it for Windows, it says the link is unavailable. Is there no way for me to play it now??